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Voice Services

Your phone extension, anywhere in the world!


PBX On The Cloud is a fully featured phone system provided as a service on the cloud.  All you need are powerful and affordable VoIP phones or apps running on your PC or Smartphones acting as your extensions and we do the rest from the cloud.  We deliver all services, from a single Residential line with basic services to a full business phone system by just connecting your extensions to the Internet anywhere in the world, getting all the benefits like Voice Mail, Automated Attendant with menus configured to your needs, conference calls and others.  Our service starts at $25 per month and $10 per extension.


Here are some of the benefits of PBX On The Cloud:

  • Your phone extension will be with you, anywhere in the world where you have internet access.  You can use fully capable VoIP desk phones or softphones running on PCs/Macs or iPad/iPhone/Android/Blackberry smartphones or tablets.

  • You will be able to substantially reduce your telecommunication costs, thanks to free calls between your extensions, wherever they are, and by benefiting from our low international rates.  We offer phone numbers in 45 countries and long distance services to any phone number in the world.

  • No need to invest in expensive PBX systems. Transform your Capital Expenditures in Operating Expenses with the corresponding tax benefits.

  • If you use your Smartphone as a PBX On The Cloud extension, you can make calls as if you were dialing from your office and using your data plan instead of your cellular phone minutes.

  • Eliminate cabling and technician costs.

  • You can keep you actual phone numbers or buy new ones in any of the 75 countries we serve.

  • Simple no-contract, monthly fees per line/extension


Our Virtual FAX service: vFAX

PBX On The Cloud also offers a convenient vFAX service that allows you to send and receive faxes directly from your PC. You can send faxes from a web page, a windows application or via a simple e-mail. You can see your received faxes also via the same web page and windows application or as an attachment file in your e-mail. The service is only $3 per month (plus usage).


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